Things You Should Know About Egg Freezing

Egg freezing, embryo freezing and ovarian tissue freezing are the option of Fertility preservation for women.

October 14, 2017

Egg freezing, embryo freezing and ovarian tissue freezing are the option of Fertility preservation for women. if you are getting older , if you have any medical issues, do not want a baby right now, you can consider these options of preserving your fertility. If you want to plan a family beyond the age at which fertility naturally declines then you can go for this options. You can discuss these treatments with a fertility specialist to decide which option is right for you.

What is egg freezing?

In Egg freezing, woman's unfertilized eggs are stored to make her try to conceive whenever she wants in her later stage. Some women are not in a position to become pregnant due to some reason, Egg freezing is a way of preserving the possibility of fertility.

Frozen eggs might be stored for a long time without any problem. At the point when the lady is prepared to utilize her eggs, they are warmed, and after that fertilized with sperm. The point is for the fertilized egg to form into a fetus, which would then be able to be transferred to the lady's uterus giving a shot of pregnancy.

What is egg freezing process?

To do egg freezing, a woman has to take hormonal stimulation injections for 10-12 days to get a number of eggs to mature. Your fertility specialist will monitor your egg size during the egg stimulation process.

Hormone stimulation

You have to take the stimulation medications daily using a pen device with a small needle. You might feel a little bloated after taking the injection but there are no side effects and you can continue with all normal activities throughout the period of stimulation.

Egg collection

The eggs retrieval process is done using an ultrasound guided probe inserted into the vagina. A needle runs inside the probe and can be gently inserted through the vaginal wall into each ovary and collect the eggs. You will be given  light general anesthesia or you will be sedated. After 1 -2 hours of the procedure , you can go home and take rest for some time.


The eggs undergo a freezing procedure in the laboratory after the egg retrieval procedure which is called vitrification. Fluids are extracted from the eggs to prevent from any damage in the egg freezing process. Eggs may be freezed for many years Once vitrified.

Egg Freezing Success rates

Its difficult to give exact figures for the chance of pregnancy after egg freezing and fertilization. The chance of success depend on the woman's age at the time of freezing.

Currently we would expect the success rates for egg freezing would be

for a woman aged 35 or under, one stimulated cycle would result in the collection of 10-12 eggs of which 7- 9 would be suitable for egg freezing
Approximately 80-90% if eggs would survive warming in the future
Approximately 50-80% of surviving eggs would fertilize
Approximately 80-90% if fertilized eggs would develop into embryos
A single embryo would have a 20-35% change of developing into a pregnancy

Success rates are lower for women over 35 and egg freezing in women over the age of 38 have lower of a pregnancy.

Egg freezing cannot give assurance to lead to a successful pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby later in life. Ladies who freeze their eggs may not know the result for a long time and may lose the chance to have a child normally.