12 Simple Homemade Pregnancy Tests To Try At Home

This article will explain you various natural & homemade DIY pregnancy test that you can do in the comfort of your home without a kit.

October 15, 2017

Becoming pregnant is really exciting in every women's life. You will get several pregnancy testers to check whether you are pregnant or not in various stores in the market. But earlier when the scientific pregnancy kits were not invented, people used to test pregnancy at home without a kit or through early symptoms of pregnancy. This article will explain you the various DIY homemade pregnancy test that you can do in the comfort of your home. They are very helpful if you have an unplanned pregnancy and of course you won't  get any hassle of getting pregnancy kits from the market. The below home remedies for pregnancy test are very easy and effective that you can make at home. You can use the natural ingredients available in the home kitchen. They are not expensive like the other pregnancy test kits available in the market. 

Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach is a very reliable method of doing home pregnancy test. It will give you the result quickly than other pregnancy tests.

How to do pregnancy test at home with bleach?

  • Take a container, and collect the first urine you pass in the morning.
  • Mix bleaching powder to it, and mix it well until it gets dissolves.
  • If you are pregnant it starts to foam and fizz.
  • If there is no foam, it means you are not pregnant.

Sugar Pregnancy Test

Sugar test is the simplest of all the DIY home made pregnancy tests, and it was generally utilized when there were no scientific pregnancy test packs. Here is the means by which you can test for a pregnancy with sugar.

How to do pregnancy test at home with sugar?

  • Take one tablespoon of sugar in a small container.
  • Add one tablespoon of urine to the sugar.
  • Check how the sugar is reacting after you add urine on it.
  • If you see sugar forming clumps, it means you are pregnant and if it gets dissolve quickly then you are not pregnant.
  • The hCG hormone won't enable the sugar to break down in pee.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

The toothpaste helps you to take a homemade pregnancy test that works! Here, the main thing that you need to ensure is that the toothpaste is a white one.

How to do pregnancy test at home with toothpaste?

  • Take little white toothpaste and put it into a container.
  • Now add the urine into the container.
  • If the color of the paste turns blue and frothy, it is positive.

Vinegar Pregnancy Test

Vinegar is an another kitchen ingredient that helps you test your pregnancy. Here is how you can do vinegar pregnancy test with vinegar.You will be amazed seeing the result.

How to do pregnancy test at home with vinegar?

  • Take half cup of  vinegar in a plastic container.
  • Pour your your first urine of the day to it and mix well.
  • You may notice the color of the vinegar changes, it means you are a pregnant.

Soap Pregnancy Test

This item regularly found in your home makes another element for the pregnancy test. The best part is you can utilize any sort of soap of any color. See how the simple soap is useful in your pregnancy test in couple of minutes.

How to do pregnancy test at home with soap?

  • Take a piece of soap and hold it in your hands.
  • Now put urine on the soap and see the result.
  • If you see bubbles, that means test is positive.
  • If there are no bubbles, its negative.

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

Doing homemade pregnancy tests using baking soda is really helpful, Baking soda is another effective method for the test. It also can give accurate result, once you use it. 

How to do pregnancy test at home with baking soda?

  • Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a container.
  • Pour the first urine to the baking soda, and notice it.
  • If you see bubbles then, the little one is on the way.

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

The correct outcome makes pine sol a best technique for checking pregnancy. It is popular as traditional homemade pregnancy test and keeps on being a most loved among ladies. Pine Sol also contains antibacterial agent. 

How to do pregnancy test at home with pine sol?

  • Take a small amount of pine sol in a container.
  • Pour a sample of urine in it.
  • Mix them well and wait for some time.
  • If there is a change in the color, pregnancy test has a good news for you.

Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test

You can do pregnancy test using mustard powder to know whether you are pregnant or not. It is one of the easily available kitchen ingredients. Mustard powder acts as a period inducer.

How to do pregnancy test at home with mustard powder?

  • Take 1 bowl of mustard powder and add in a bathtub with hot water.
  • Mix the powder properly.
  • Then take a bath in this water for about 30-45 minutes.
  • After that, take a bath using normal water.
  • Wait 2-3 days for your period to start after the bath.
  • If your period does not resume, you may be pregnant.

Wine Pregnancy Test

Wine pregnancy test is another dependable test that gives you exact outcomes. If you have wine at home,you can do the pregnancy test immediately.

How to do pregnancy test at home with Wine?

  • Take a large portion of a measure of wine and a large portion of a measure of urine.
  • Blend them two.
  • It takes around ten minutes for a response to happen.
  • In the event that the first shading transforms, it implies you are pregnant.

Tuna and Vinegar Pregnancy Test

Tuna juice and vinegar is another best home made pregnancy testing technique. You are well on the way to get a precise outcome with tuna and vinegar pregnancy test.

How to do pregnancy test at home with Tuna and vinegar?

  • Take same measures of tuna juice and vinegar in a holder. Blend them appropriately.
  • Presently include a large portion of a measure of pee to the above blend.
  • Watch for quite a while to see the changes in the shading.
  • In the event that the blend achieves greenish shading, it implies you are pregnant. On the off chance that it turns yellow, you are not pregnant.

Tylenol and Peroxide Pregnancy Test

These both are usually found in our homes. For the pregnancy test, utilize good quality Tylenol that is as white capsules. Try not to utilize fluid gel sort of capsules. Here is the means by which you can do tylenol and peroxide pregnancy test.

How to do pregnancy test at home with Tylenol and peroxide?

  • Break two Tylenol tablets and put the powder a reasonable glass bowl.
  • Add peroxide so the powder turns fizzy.
  • Presently include a teaspoon of first pee to the above blend.
  • Notice the progressions. You may see the arrangement turning blue, which shows you are pregnant.

Dandelion Pregnancy Test

These charming and delightful dandelion leaves can help in identifying your pregnancy. The test strategy is considered to give exact outcomes. Check how dandelion pregnancy test functions.

How to do pregnancy test at home with dandelion leaves?

  • Take out a couple of new leaves of the plant and lay them on a plastic sheet. Keep them out of the immediate daylight.
  • Presently include pee everywhere throughout the leaves to submerge them.
  • Sit tight for no less than ten minutes. On the off chance that there are red rankles on the leaves, at that point you are pregnant.

How To Increase The Accuracy Of Homemade Pregnancy Tests?

You may tend to commit a few errors while testing your urine pregnancy test. Remember the given points to maintain a strategic distance from such circumstances:

  • Utilize the first pee of the day as it has concentrated hCG levels.
  • Utilize plastic holders and spatula for gathering pee tests, and different fixings.
  • Gather a lot of pee as too little of it may not be adequate to give the correct outcome.
  • Sit tight for no less than five to ten minutes as the response may take additional time than anticipated on occasion.
  • You may repeat the technique to ensure the outcome is correct.
  • Try not to shake the test sample while doing the test.

How Accurate Are Homemade Pregnancy Tests?

Homemade DIY tests may not be 100% accurate. The precision just relies upon the hCG levels in the pee. In spite of the fact that these tests work like pregnancy packs, it is not as simple at times to distinguish the outcomes on the grounds that:

  • An opportunity to finish up the outcome is hard to interpret.
  • Compound response may differ contingent upon the fixing amount and quality
  • There is no such computed proportion of fixings to pee.

In this manner, regardless of the possibility that you get a negative outcome in the custom made pregnancy test, you may in any case be pregnant. Look at yourself utilizing a business test unit and afterward contact your gynecologist to affirm your pregnancy.