8 Second Trimester Symptoms of Pregnancy

Commonly, nausea subsides and It's additionally the time when you'll begin to feel the baby's first developments.

August 11, 2017

The time from week 13 to week 27 of pregnancy is known as the special night time span all things considered. Commonly, nausea subsides and It's additionally the time when you'll begin to feel the baby's first developments.

The Nausea Subsides

Gratefully, the different types of second trimester symptoms exclude morning sickness. Most ladies find that it decreases or stops totally. In case regardless you're feeling nauseous, talk with your specialist and increase of taking vitamin B6, which has been appeared to settle the stomach. Around this time, you'll begin to encounter another uneasiness in the tummy which is stomach hurts, a consequence of your developing uterus and the stretching muscles.

Baby's Movement

Most of the time during your first trimester, your baby developed quietly inside you. Your doctor can identify the baby's heart beat at around 12 weeks. Apart from that you'll encounter other physical signs that your baby will give. including you will start feeling baby's movement during 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy,which is called quickening. You will keep on feeling different kind of movement as well till the end of the trimester.


At this phase of pregnancy, even ordinary activities like strolling to the washroom may make you feel breathlessness. It's flawlessly ordinary. As the uterus develops, it swarms the lungs, making it somewhat harder for air to stream in and out. Try to relax, yet in the event that you find that your shortness of breath turns out to be more extreme, see your doctor.

Body Shape Change

By week 16, you'll likely be wearing maternity garments because of your growing waistline and enlarging hips. By week 27, you ought to have picked up 16 to 22 pounds, yet your baby will represent around 2 of those. You'll additionally most likely begin to see another pregnancy level: stretch marks. Most of those marks will be disappear after you deliver the baby.

Emotional Changes

In spite of the fact that your hormones will be keep on changing, your body's had three months to change in accordance with them, so you may really control your feelings without crying and making your mood off. On the other side, as your shape transforms you may stress more over the impacts that pregnancy may have on your body. To overcome from all these,give yourself a beauty boost like facial or manicure.

Bad Dreams

Women sometimes dream very bad thing like their lives or the lives of their baby is in danger. Cause of such dreams is an  increase in hormone production. Hormones may impact your feelings and your anxiety during pregnancy . They will likewise affect the way your brain functions, conceivably bringing about more clear and continuous dreams while you are pregnant.


Compared to first trimester symptoms, Second trimester symptoms are minor.So no need to worry about that and try to fit and active. Do some activities like Prenatal yoga, walking, Swimming and water aerobics.

Exercise Precautions

Keep away from hard work or any activity that expects you to breathe out with incredible drive. It can raise your circulatory strain to unsafe levels. After the fourth or fifth month, skip practices that expect you to lie level on your back. This position could make your blood vessel compress that transfer blood to the baby. Eat something little around a hour prior to your exercise. The calorie lift will build your vitality. Drink little water all through your exercise. It's particularly imperative to remain hydrated while you're pregnant. Bring additional care with practices that is important. Your body is evolving quickly, and you can feel particularly breathless while running or doing step-vigorous exercise.