Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids (Piles)

Hemorrhoids or piles is a common problem that occurs when veins in the anus and rectum become swollen and inflamed.

November 9, 2017

Hemorrhoids or piles is a common problem that occurs when veins in the anus and rectum become swollen and inflamed. There are two types of hemorrhoids such as internal and external. There are various causes of hemorrhoids include

  • Lack of fiber in diet
  • constipation
  • heavy lifting
  • obesity
  • food allergies
  • lack of physical activity
  • pregnancy
  • prolonged sitting or standing
  • Hereditary

Home remedies are the best treatments for hemorrhoids which you can do at home. Internal hemorrhoids grows inside the rectum and external hemorrhoids develops under the skin close to the anus. Hemorrhoids may also cause major problems if it is not treated on time.You may get complications like chronic blood loss, strangulated piles, tissue death and anal cancer.

Common symptoms of hemorrhoids are

  • bleeding around the anus
  • bleeding while passing stool
  • irritation near the anal region

Below are the top 10 home remedies for hemorrhoids or piles.

Ice for hemorrhoids

The best effective home remedy for hemorrhoids is ice. It can reduce the pain and bring down the swelling. It will give you immediate pain relief.

  • Apply an icepack on the affected area for around 10 minutes. Do this few times each day until the point that the hemorrhoid leaves.
  • You can even utilize a little pack of vegetables, for example, peas or corn. Wrap the pack in a tea towel and afterward apply it on the hemorrhoid. Do this for 20 minutes on end, three times each day.

Aloe Vera for hemorrhoids

Aloe vera is one of nature's best elements for treating hemorrhoids. The calming and remedial properties of aloe vera help diminish the bothering of hemorrhoids. Aloe vera can be utilized for both inside and outside hemorrhoids.

  • For treating outer hemorrhoids, apply a tad of aloe vera gel to your butt and gradually knead the zone. This straightforward cure will give alleviation from the agony and calm the consuming sensation.
  • To treat inward hemorrhoids, cut aloe vera leaves in strips. Make a point to remove the thistle like parts of the plant. Place the cuts in a compartment and stop them. Apply the frigid cool aloe vera strip to the agonizing hemorrhoid to assuage the agony, consuming, and tingling sensation.

Lemon Juice for hemorrhoids

Lemon juice contains different supplements that is useful to get you relief from hemorrhoids by fortifying the vessels and vein walls.

  • Dip a cotton ball with natural lemon juice and apply it on the hemorrhoid. At first there will be some gentle burning sensation, yet help from the pain soon.
  • On the other hand, add a large portion of a lemon juice into some hot milk and drink it. Do this at regular intervals for best outcomes.
  • Blend one-half teaspoon each of lemon juice, ginger juice, mint squeeze and honey together. Take this once per day.

Almond Oil for hemorrhoids

Almond oil gets easily absorbed by deep tissue which is effective for the most part for outside hemorrhoid treatment.

  • Insert a cotton ball in almond oil and apply it on the influenced area. It saturates and facilitates irritation, and will assuage the consuming and tingling sensation in and around the rear-end.
  • Do this few times each day.

Witch Hazel for hemorrhoids

Witch Hazel contains healing properties which will help facilitate the inconveniences related with hemorrhoids. The astringent property can help shrink inflamed blood vessels, easing pain, tingling and swelling.

  • Dip a cotton ball in undistilled witch hazel and apply it to the hemorrhoids.
  • Do this no less than three times every day.

Apple Juice Vinegar for hemorrhoids

Because of the astringent properties of apple juice vinegar, it helps shrink swollen veins and gives alleviation from swelling and disturbance of both inner and outside hemorrhoids. Make certain to utilize unfiltered and unpasteurized vinegar for quicker outcomes.

  • On account of outside hemorrhoids, dip a cotton ball in apple juice vinegar and apply it on the affected zone. At first there will be a stinging sensation, however soon you will get help from the tingling and aggravation. Do this few times each day until the point that the swelling diminishes.
  • On account of inner hemorrhoids, include one teaspoon of apple juice vinegar to a glass of water and drink it no less than twice day by day.

Olive Oil for hemorrhoids

Olive oil has mitigating and cancer prevention agent properties and is utilized essentially to treat outside hemorrhoids. It will help expand the flexibility of veins, which thus will help decrease irritation caused by hemorrhoids.

  • Add one teaspoon of olive oil in cooking everyday. It will help decrease aggravation and the monounsaturated fats will enhance the usefulness of the excretory system.
  • Extract the juice out of some plum leaves and add it to olive oil. Apply this blend on your hemorrhoids. It will give you alleviation from the pain and swelling.

Whole Grains for hemorrhoids

Begin eating entire grain items on the off chance that you experience the ill effects of hemorrhoids. Entire grain items contain a decent measure of fiber, which is exceedingly successful in calming hemorrhoid indications and dying.

This supplement helps wipe out the gastrointestinal system, avoiding contipation and enabling the colon to work all the more effectively. Fiber-rich nourishments can help in smooth motion, which lessens stress during passing motion. A portion of the best entire grain items are oats, grain, maize, brown rice, millet, quinoa and buckwheat.

Water for hemorrhoids

Satisfactory water consumption washes down your interior system and hydrates your whole body. It likewise encourages a smooth stool motion, without stressing.

When you don't drink enough water and different liquids, the waste material get blocked inside your body. The final product is hard stools, which will aggravate the issue of hemorrhoids.

On the off chance that you have hemorrhoids that are persistent, counsel a specialist.